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Bernde's Abschlussworte

Nach 19Stunden Reisezeit und 15 Stunden Zeitdifferens zurueck in Washington. Japan ist wirklich ein Erlebnis. Die alten Tempel mit den vielen Raeucherstaebchen Geruechen,die alte Kultur neben Supermoderne ist wirklich was besonderes. Der groesste Bronze Budda(22mhoch),Quellwasser in den Tempelanlagen schluerfen, rohen Fisch essen,durch den Glueckspfeiler krabbeln,der Fischmarkt in Tokyo,die ueberall mit Musik unterlegten automatischen Tueren in Bahn,Fahrstuehlen,Geschaeftseingaengen, sclafende Jappies in U-Bahn oder total mit dem Haendy beschaeftigt,ist wirklich schon abgefahren. Ich wuerde nochmal nach Japan fliegen,doch vorher sind noch andere Plaetzchen auf der Welt in meinem Interesse.Bilderchen zu der ganzen Geschichte (wir haben rund 250 geschossen) werden bald hier zu finden sein.

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Geraldine's Best

Final thoughts

sunny 9 °C

We made it home and the trip wasn't that bad. Although we're suffering through some serious jet lag - 15 hrs. difference - there are a few things to recap.

Geraldine's Best
1. Nara - Bronze Buddha
2. Kyoto - Zen gardens
3. Tokyo's fish market
4. Drinking the "bad" temple water in Nara (somehow I missed several signs)
5. Eating the fish mousse sushi(it looked like poop)
6. Kyoto Dinner at Mama-san's joint
7. Bernd crawling through the lucky post
8. Learning the sounds of the Japanese - soup slurping, sniffling, giggling (with hands over mouth), train arrival/departure songs, crosswalk songs, toilet bowl songs, elevator songs, slot machine hall white noise....

Brief observations about Japanese culture:
1. As mentioned above, even the most banal daily events are accompanied by electronic songs and jingles.
2. Hardly anyone I saw spoke on a cell phone - everyone was text messaging. If people did talk, then they weren't loud.
3. People sleep everywhere - standing up on the train, sitting on the train, in parked cars.
4. Controlled chaos in Tokyo. Something that is hard to describe, but easy to observe. City of lost childhoods - I've never seen so many ferris wheels, arcades, etc. in any other city.
5. Respect for elders and custom. We went with the flow and the rule were pretty easy to follow. I bowed more and smiled more in 12 days than I thought possible.

All in all, it was a great trip. Everyone we encountered was friendly and helpful. Most people spoke some English, even if they claimed they couldn't. Traveling was pretty easy and our only difficulty at times was finding food. We always found something, even if it was Subway (1 dinner) and Starbucks (a few times). I would go back to Japan and see more but there are a few other places on our list to do first!

Thanks for reading our blog. We'll be uploading photos soon!

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Coming Home

sunny 10 °C

Our last day in Japan.....
It's sunny and we're taking a leisurely morning. We had one more errand to run and we checked out the situation with the train to the airport. We have one more day on our JR rail pass so we're using it to get to the airport. I'm having mixed feelings about returning. I've had a great vacation full of memorable moments and experiences that I'll never forget. I've learned about Japan and japanese culture, but I feel that I've only scratched the surface. One thing that I'm not looking forward to is the trip home. Off to the airport!

Letzter Tag bevor unser Flug um 18.55Uhr startet. Durch Oaska schlendern und die lettzten Yen unter die Leute bringen und die Zugfahrt zum Flughafen vorbereiten. Unser Zugpass ist gueltig bis heute,hat uns super durchs Land gebracht. Zurueck in Land der grossen Autos und der fetten Menschen.

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Back to Osaka

sunny 8 °C

3Stunden von Tokyo nach Osaka mit dem ICE der hier"Shinkansen" heist.Heute habe ich den Fuji gesehen. 3754m hoch. Wir haben ein paar Bilder von der Landschaft, aus dem Zug gemacht. Wir sind wieder in unserem "Ankomm-Hotel-Raddison" abgestiegen. Bester Kompfor. Sind dann ins Osaka Aquarium gefahren. Riesig , mit Haien,Robben,Delphienen,otters,Pinguienen,Riesenkrabben und ohne Ende anderen Fich und Getier.Leckeres Abendbrot, genau vor deiner Nase fuer dich gekocht,und ne Sake im 56.Stock unseres Hotel mit guter Sicht endete dann unseren Urlaub.

Another shinkansen trip back to Osaka from Tokyo. Once again we had overcast skies and the view of Mt. Fuji was obscured. Bernd shot a series of photos from the train as he was waiting for it to appear from behind the clouds. By the time we reached the Kansai region the sun had come out. We checked back into our hotel in Osaka (where we stayed on our first night). Our room was huge compared to the others over the past 12 days. We headed out to the Osaka Aquarium as our final tourist stop. It was a beautiful aquarium. The whale shark, giant king crabs and playful otters were the highlights for me. Tonight for dinner we had Yakisoba and these pancake type things that were prepared on a flat grill right in front of us. The meal was fantastic and a perfect way to end our Japanese food experience.

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Tokyo 3

Art, beer, Onsen

rain 5 °C

Regen Tag. Wir machen un auf den Weg zur Berlin/Tokyo Ausstellung im Mori Art Museum. Guter Tip von unsere Freundin Fie aus Daenemark. Die Ausstellung war auf der 52.Etage im Mori Turm. Leider hatten wir keine Aussicht wegen der tiefen Wolken. Doch die Ausstellung war ein Kracher. Danach haben wir uns auf den Weg ins Biermueum gemacht. "Ebisu"-herb und krisp,schmeckt gut. Die haben auch gleich nen schoenen Gastsaal,danach sahen wir die welt mit anderen Augen. Haben uns doch danach auf den Weg in eine Japanische Badeanstalt gemacht. Spa LaAqua. Endspannung pur,sauna,salz baeder,Restaurants Massagen,manikueren, alles da. Alles war eigendlich in einem riesigen Familien Spass Park. Manchmal sind die Japies unglaublich und die lieben Riesenraeder. Morgen gehts zurueck nach Oaka.

Today it is drizzling and cloudy. We started the day at the Roponggi Hills complex. Fie, my UCLA friend from Denmark, gave me a great tip that there was a Berlin/Tokyo exhibit at the Mori Art Museum. We wanted to go to Roponggi anyway, so we decided to check it out. The exhibit was brilliant. The art museum is on the 52nd floor of the Mori tower, but because of the rain we couldn't see anything from the observation deck. From there we headed to Ebisu and the Ebisu Beer Museum. Unfortunatley the museum was mostly in Japanese, but it was free and they had a tasting room. We sampled a few brews and had some lunch. We decided to wrap up the day by checking out an Onsen, Japanese natural spring bath. It was rainy, cold, and we were on vacatiton so a visit to Spa LaAcqua seemed to be the right choice. The onsen spa had that now familar Tokyo theme park quality, but it was great. It was a mega complex with tons of different saunas, baths, etc. Then they had one floor of cafes, shops, and relaxation rooms. You got these funny PJ's when you checked that you wore on thata floor because it was mixed company. After two hours we were prunes and headed home. Tomorrow we head back to Osaka....

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